Welcome Letter

Dear Curious (& probably fabulous) Person:

The Internet Vagina Posse IVP is a group of women who became friends on-line as they struggled to become Mothers. Some of us have successfully crossed the line from trying to conceive and have beautiful babies. Others of us have been rocked by devastating medical set-backs. Some have decided to pursue other avenues to become Mothers. And plenty of us are still wading through the murky waters of trying to conceive.

Through all of the vagina talk, the cervical mucus discussions, the “what the hell does this OPK mean” confusion and the depression over failed cycles we have talked about everything else in our lives. There have been weddings, anniversaries, rants over being single, sick parents, bad jobs, crazy bosses, injuries, re-locations, new homes, new jobs and death.

Some of us are shy and some of us are loud. Some of us are extremely polite and others of us are, decidedly not. Some of us swear so much we have to make up more swear words to get the point across. Some of us are straight, gay, single, married, divorced, tall, short…you will find yourself in one of us.

If you are here, you are either a card carrying member of the IVP, or you found us via a link or search engine. We welcome you and encourage your participation and questions. If you are going through fertility or infertility treatments, chances are that one of us has been in your shoes. We can offer you support, unsolicited advice, and plenty of distractions.

This is not a place for bashing or trash talking. It simply won’t be tolerated. Your punishment will be the unveiling of your IP address and a team of hormonal women will retaliate. This is a woman oriented site and any disparaging comments about women will also not be accepted.

Love & Tampons-